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Animals available in store


This Nemo he is 2 years old and his son Emo who is 6 months old  they are tropical clown fish and come all the way from Sydney Australia they can be yours for $100 each


Turtie the Turtle he is a 1 year old, tropical turtle he is use to warm temptures originating from Hawaii he is a cute little fellow and is one of the most popular species in the shop he is yours today for the lowest price of $70


This is Kremit the kitten she is 3 months old she is wormed and vaccinated and can be desexed upon purshase, she is $100


Max is a Maltese male he weighs under 3lbs and 3 months old a real cutie how loves to play and is all ready for his new home


This is Cece she is a Siamese she is 7 months old and is one of two available in store, they are both vaccinated and ready for a new home.

Pets Galore
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